To use this feature the add-on Annual Report needs to be active. Activate the add-on in the Feature shop. This feature is tailor-made for Swedish companies only.

On the tab Year Plan you can see your Board’s year plan and manage the Annual Report.

Click on the “Annual Reports” tab and then “New Annual Report” to get started.

Settings & Upload

Start by specifying who is responsible for managing this annual report.

Then specify which user is CEO, if no CEO is available, select “No CEO”.


Finally, specify which user is auditor. If there is no auditor, select “No auditor” in the list. If you have not added the auditor as a Boardeaser user, you can click “Change users” and invite the auditor (if you want the auditor to see only selected items like the Annual Report, you set the privilege to Limited). The auditor must accept the invitation and will then be asked to sign the annual report after all members of the board have done so.

Save the settings when done.

You can either sign the annual report in Boardeaser with electronic signature, or you can print it, sign manually and scan a copy that you upload.

Upload and sign electronically

Click “Send for e-signing” if you want the board members to sign the annual report electronically. Write a message and send a request for signature to the board members. These users receive an e-mail with a link to sign the annual report of Boardeaser’s partner Assently.

Upload already signed annual report

Upload the signed and checked annual report, then click “Already signed”.


Signatures & Audit

The next step is the auditor’s signature on the annual report and that the auditor then uploads the audit report.

If the annual report is signed electronically, the signature of the auditor is automatically requested as a final step after all members of the Board have signed.

Once everyone has written on the annual report, you can notify the auditor that the annual report has been uploaded and share the document by clicking “Send message to the auditor” as a reminder that the auditor can now write the audit report. The auditor will then have access to the “Annual Reports” folder in Documents where the auditor can download the scanned and signed annual report.

Upload audit report

Once the audit report is completed, the audit report can be uploaded. It can then be signed electronically by the auditor and users can request this by clicking “Send for e-signing”.

Click “Manually signed” if the audit report has already been signed on paper and the signature is included in the scanned version.

Annual General Meeting

Call to meeting

Boardeaser does not handle notice and minutes from the AGM, but in the notice convening the AGM, the two files that are now being produced (signed annual report and signed audit report) should be included. Click “Mark that invitations have been sent” when done to proceed.

Minutes from the AGM

For future reference, you can store a copy of the minutes from the AGM in Boardeaser, upload the scanned minutes as a pdf-file by clicking “Select file” and upload the file. Click “Proceed to sending to Bolagsverket” when done.

Follow the instructions on this step to collect all documents required by Bolagsverket and click submit. Start by clicking “Merged Documents for Bolagsverket” to see a merged pdf with:

  • Copy of signed annual report
  • Copy of signed audit report

The certification of the annual report must be signed on paper printed, either the certification is on the first page of the annual report or separately. You can upload a scanned copy of the certificatation at the bottom right, if you want this to be stored in Boardeaser.


If the annual report was signed electronically, someone (anyone) must acknowledge that these signatures are valid by signing the printed annual report.


Once the documents are printed and signed, these must be put together in an envelope and sent to the specified address. Click the “Mark as sent to Bolagsverket” button when mailed.

Bolagsverket announces when the annual report has been received. Click on the button “Mark as received by Bolagsverket” when this happens, this will end the management in Boardeaser of the annual report.


The documents from the management of the annual report are automatically stored in a specific folder in Documents.

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