(This feature is an add-on)

This is how you create a questionnaire:

  • Click on “Evaluations” in the left menu and then on “New evaluation”
  • Choose one of our included templates or create a new form from scratch
  • Fill in the title and the last date when the answers should be submitted
  • The questionnaire consists of sections which in turn consists of questions
  • First, write the question, or the claim that the respondent should set to a value from 1 to 5
  • A question may be one of the following types:
    • Multiple choice question (respondents could select multiple choices)
    • One choice question (respondent can only select one of several choices)
    • 1-5 (respondents could select the value from 1 to 5 on a claim)
    • Open question (respondent can write a text responses)
  • For all types except Open question, enter the choices or claims that the respondent should consider
  • The question could also be set to mandatory and confidential, highlight the issue should be one of these
  • If you want to save a section or question in your query library, click the book icon to the right of issue / section name
  • When you are finished building the questionnaire, you can choose to save it as a template, and proceed to the next step
  • Next, send out questionnaires to the respondents. Choose users in your board and if you also want others to respond, write a message and click “Send” (after this step, you cannot edit the questions).

When all respondents answered, you can create a report based on the responses:

  • Click “Create Report” during the report stage now activated
  • Enter a description of the report to
  • Review and click in the box to the right for every answer you want to include in your report, you want to include all the answers in the section, click the “Include all”
  • When all the answers that you want included in the report is included, click on “Archive and distribute”
  • In the last step, you deploy the report by typing a message and select recipients
  • The recipients receive an email inviting them to sign into Boardeaser to see the report, the archived even under “Documents”

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