Adding a decision

When writing the minutes in Boardeaser it is possible to specify one or more decisions. Start specifying a decision by clicking on the button “Add decision”:


A new field opens for the decision:


If a user is responsible for the execution of a decision, or if there is a deadline when the decision has to be exectued, you enter this information here too. You can specify several decisions during the same minutes item.

Decision follow-up

Taken decisions can be found under “Decisions” in the left menu when the minutes in which they are stated has been filed.

A decision be set to one of these statuses:

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Done
  • Approved
  • Down prioritized
  • Deleted
  • Archived

In Decisions there are three tabs:

  • My active decisions: this lists decisions that you is responsible for but not yet listed as either “Deleted” or “Archived”.
  • Active decision: here you see all the decisions have not yet been identified as either “Deleted” or “Archived”.
  • Archived decisions: here you see all the decisions listed as “Archived”.

The color to the left clarifies which status decision has and if the decision is pink-colored it means that the deadline has passed. Example of how a list of decisions can look like:



If you click on the “Show” button for a decision you can edit and comment on a decision, it is also possible to remind to the user that is set as responsible:


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