On the tab “Documents” you will find the Board’s documents that it’s users have access to, depending on authorization. Documents can be sorted into folders and subfolders.

Documents can either be uploaded manually on this page or are added automatically when they are attached to agendas for meetings, additionally approved minutes are automatically in its own folder.

There are buttons at the top right for creating folders and upload documents. At the bottom left are buttons for downloading selected documents (mark these first in the boxes) or download all documents. You can mark a document as read by clicking on the button with a check mark, and share the document by clicking the button with an arrow.



Attached documents

When you write the agenda, you can attach one or more files to each item in the agenda. You do this by clicking the button “Add Document” under the description, and then follow the instructions.

You can add multiple files to the same point by again clicking “Add Document” and repeat the process.

The file or files that you attach to the agenda will be sent when you send the notice (along with the agenda) if you choose so when calling to the meeting, and also appears in the minutes view.


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