Easily read documents before board meetings with the Boardeaser app for iPad and iPhone.

Search for Boardeaser in App Store or click here from your mobile device to download the app.

The feature “iPad/iPhone App” also needs to be activated in Boardeaser’s Feature Shop.

Get started

The first time you start the app you need to log in with the same credentials that you use to log in via the web browser.

An aggregated list of all upcoming meetings in all your organizations is the first thing that greets you when logging in (meetings in organizations without the Feature “iPad/iPhone App” will be greyed out). Time, place and other information is diplayed directly. Click “Open documents” to see agenda and any attached files (needs to be in pdf-format). Pdf-documents will open in the read view.

Select an organization

Click on the icon with three heads to see all your organizations. Select one of them to only list upcoming meetings for that organization. Documents (pdf-files) for that specific organization is now also available to view, just click the document icon to open the file viewer.

Make notes

Click on the pencil-icon to create a note. You can choose a number of tools, for example create an icon and write a longer note, mark text with the marker or draw on the pdf.

Notes on documents are personal and only visible on your device.


Click on the download-icon to save a file on your device. This lets you read the document when you don’t have an Internet connection. Downloaded documents are stored on the tab “Offline”.

NB: Do not log out from the app before going offline, to access the app you will need to log back in and this will not be possible if you are offline.



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