Start by clicking the button “New meeting” on the tab “Meetings” in the Board room. The first step in the meeting process is setting:

Time and Location

On this first step you set basic information about the meeting, fields marked with a star (*) are mandatory:

  • Title: Name the meeting, e.g: “Board meeting October”.
  • Meeting number: This number is automatically updated, is it your first meeting it starts with 1. You can set any number if you already have numbers for your minutes/meetings.
  • Location: Name the location for the meeting.
  • Time: Set the start and end of the meeting.
  • Send meeting information: Check this if you want to send a calender file to one or more users, a pop-up where you can write a message about the meeting and choose recipients.

Once you have filled in the information, click on the “Save and proceed” or “Save and Send” if you decided to send the meeting information. The next step in the meeting process, namely the “Agenda”.

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