Once the meeting is created, it is time to write the agenda. If you created the meeting well in advance you get an e-mail with a reminder two weeks before the meeting reminding you that an agenda has not yet been created.


The first time you create an agenda you will see the ready-made templates for board meeting agendas. In addition to this, you can create your own template by saving your agenda as template when finished. This lets you reuse it for future agendas. Use a template or start creating an agenda by editing the first item on your agenda.



The agenda, and later the minutes, are built on items that each contain:

  • Title
  • Time: Estimate for how long this item should take
  • Item type: Set which type of item this is
  • Description: In this field you enter what the agenda item is, what to discuss or decide
  • Attached documets: Upload files that are connected to the item such as basis for decisions

When the item is finished you add the next by clicking “Add item”. Repeat this until the whole agenda is finished.

Save the agenda

When done check the checkbox “Save as template” if you want to do so. Then click “Save” or “Save and continue” for proceeding to the next step.

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