Click on “Meetings” in the left menu to create a board meeting and view a summary of active meetings, which are created meetings whose minutes have not yet been archived.

Active / archived meetings

To the left view shows tabs “Active meetings” and “Archived meetings”. Archived meetings are filed on the “Documents” tab.

Standard phrases

To the right in the view tab are standard phrases. Phrases in Boardeaser is a function to write minutes faster. They work so that when the secretary takes the minutes and begins to write a sentence that is pre-stored as default phrase the system will fill it in automatically.

There are also a number of tags that appear if you write the # character in any field agenda or protocol, the tag is then replaced by the corresponding text. Example: “#” #Chairman enters the name of the chairman of the board.

Agenda Templates

On “Agenda Templates” you find pre-designed templates for agendas and templates you created themselves. The templates can be edited by clicking on “Edit Template”.


Creating a meeting

To create a meeting (your user has to be set as administrator) you click on “New meeting” which leads you to the first step in our meeting process which consists of these seven steps:

  1. Time and location
  2. Agenda
  3. Invitations
  4. Minutes
  5. Review
  6. Reviewed
  7.  Approved minutes

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