After the board has approved the minutes the final step in the meeting process is to sign and archive the minutes. Do this either by printing and signing the minutes on paper (and then we suggest you scan and upload it) or sign it electronically with our add-on E-Sign which uses our partner Assently’s solution for electronic signatures.

Electronic Signatures

E-sign is an optional add-on

If you have chosen to sign electronically an e-mail with a link will be sent to those that are assigned to sign the minutes. The link also appears on “Meetings” in the Board room for those users. Click the link to sign with Assently and BankID.


After clicking the link the minutes are shown in Assently’s service, click the green button called “Sign now” to sign.



Follow the instructions to sign with BankID. View who has signed on Meetings.


When everyone that were assigned to sign has done this the minutes are automatically archived and you can find it on “Documents” where every meeting is given its own folder where all documents are stored.

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