You write minutes on this step and decide who should comment and review the minutes after the secretary is done.

Attendees and tasks

Start by checking those present at the meeting in the checkboxes. Then choose who is secretary, reviewer et cetera.


Two ways of reviewing

There are two ways of reviewing the minutes in Boardeaser, choose which way you want on the Settings page. The first way works by each user reviews and edits in a chain, the other works by letting all appointed users comment but only the secretary edits.

Enter the information of reviewers accordingly, then check the users that should sign the minutes. If you have the add-on “Electronic signatures” these users will be prompted to sign electronically.


Before or during the meeting you can access the previous minutes with the button called “Previous minutes”.

The minutes items look and work like the agenda items with some additions, here are the options that are added on minutes items:

  • Notes: Here the secretary writes what is discussed.
  • Add decision: Here you enter what the board decides.
  • Att task: Add to-dos for users.

You can add items that weren’t in the agenda by clicking “Add item”.

Comment and review

When the secretary is done with the minutes he/she sends it either to other users to comment on or to the appointed reviewers. Click to the corresponding button down to the right on the page.


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