Upload financial data

  1. Enter your finance system and export sie4-files for 2-3 financial years back in time.
  2. Log in to Boardeaser, go to the Boardroom and select “Economy”. The first time you upload a sie4-file here.
  3. Click on “Data management” at the top right and then on the button “Upload sie4-file” and upload the other files.

Now you have uploaded financial data from the years you have uploaded. You will now find the income statement and balance sheet on the tab “Economy”. There are also dashboards with analyzes, you can look at the built-in called “Summary” or create your own.

Watch videoclip on how to upload financial data:

Upload budget

  1. Go to Economy > Data management > Export.
  2. Click the download-button for “Budget template”.
  3. Select settings for the template. Choose between an empty template or a pre-filled template based on previous financial data.
  4. Open the budget template in Excel (or Google Sheets if you have activated “Google Sheets Integration”).
  5. Edit the budget row by row and save when finished.
  6. Go to Economy > Data management and click “Upload budget” (if using Excel). Select the file and upload.

You can view the uploaded budget on Economy > Budget. This budget will now automatically match the outcome month by month.

Watch videoclip on how to edit and upload budget:

Upload KPI:s

  1. Go to Economy > Data management > Export and click on the download button for “KPI template”.
  2. Select settings for the template.
  3. Open the KPI template in Excel (or Google Sheets if you have activated “Google Sheets Integration”).
  4. In column A you enter the variable name used in the system, this means you can only use characters a to z and _.
  5. In column B and C you enter the name as it will appear in the graphs.
  6. In column D you can choose between RESULT or BALANCE KPI:s, leave empty if you are not sure what to choose.
  7. Enter values in the remaining columns.
  8. Save the file and click on “Upload KPI” in Boardeaser, choose the file and upload.

Now you’re KPI:s are uploaded and available as variables when creating graphs or tables.

Watch videoclip on how to edit and upload KPI:s:

Create graphs

Graphs can visualize variables from the financial data, budget or uploaded KPI:s.

  1. Go to Economy and click on the arrow next to “Analyze”, select “New graph”.
  2. Set a Title and click in the field below “Add new datasource”.
  3. You can browse variables or type a variable or formula, see these examples:

Custom variables: Click on “Default” and choose the variable.

Financial data: Choose one account, selected accounts or a range of accounts from the bookkeeping (the uploaded sie4-files) like this:

  • -{3040} gives you the value on account 3040 month by month.
  • -[3040] gives you the accumulated value on account 3040 month during a fiscal year.
  • -{3000-3999} gives you the sum of values on account 3000 to 3999 (revenue accounts).
  • -{3040,3050} gives you the sum of values on account 3000 and 3050.

Combine data sources: You can combine financial data, budget data and uploaded KPI:s. Examples:

  • -{3040}/(chairs+tables) gives you the revenues on account 3040 divided by the KPI:s for sold chairs and tables
  • -{3040}/Budget(-{3040} gives you the outcome divided by budget for account 3040 (set Unit to %)

Watch videoclip on how to create graphs:

Create tables

Create custom tables to illustrate results or balance the way you want to see it. As with graphs you can combine KPI:s, financial data, budget data and more in formulas. Just uppdate the data as you go along and the tables will automatically be updated.

  1. Go to Economy > Analyze and click on “New table”
  2. Set table Name (will appear when choosing the table) and Title (will appear in the report or dashboard)
  3. Create a column or a set of columns by clicking the + sign
  4. For a set of 12 monthly columns choose Resolution: Month
  5. Click “Add row”, enter Title and Formula (see above for examples)
  6. To summarize rows click “Add summary” and choose rows to summarize
  7. Click “Save” to save the table

Watch videoclip on how to create tables with two examples:

Create reports and report templates

Get started with professional reporting in a few clicks!

Here is how you put together your first report and save it as a template:

  1. Go to Reports and click “Create report”
  2. Choose period (last day of the period) to report with the date-picker
  3. Set a Title
  4. Build your report with these elements:
    1. Header
    2. Text
    3. Graphs
    4. Tables
    5. Images
    6. Split into two columns
    7. Decisions
  5. When done check “Save as template” to save the report as a template so you can re-use the same structure next period, then click “Save”
  6. Click “Save and show” to see how the published report will appear
  7. Click “Publish” to publish the report
  8. Send an e-mail to other users to let them know that the report is available

You and the other users will find published reports in the list “Published”. Unpublished reports will only appear for you (and users you have invited to edit a report) in the list “Unpublished”.

Watch videoclip on how to create a report with the graphs and tables from previous examples:

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