This guide is useful for users that have registered a user and now want to get started with Boardeser.

Upload files

Go to Documents to upload previous board material (minutes and other documents). An easy way is to gather everything in one folder one your computer, click “Attach document(s)”. Then drag the folder with all of your documents to the upload area and drop (release) it. The filestructure will be kept intact.



Invite other users

Invite other board member and users that you want to share your board room with. Go to Users in the menu and fill in the form for each person you want to invite. Set the Authorization Level to Administrator for users to be able to both see and do everything in Boardeaser. Finish by clicking “Send invitation”.


Create Meetings

Go to Meetings to manage meetings in Boardeaser. Start by creating all upcoming meetings. Click “New meeting” and set place and time for each meeting.



Try other features

If you want to try other features just click on “Feature Shop” and activate the features you want to try. Features are free to try for 30 days.

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