There are three authorization levels in Boardeaser:

  • Administrator: Users who are administrators can see and do everything in Boardeaser.
  • Observer: Users who are observers can see everything but only make things assigned to them specifically.
  • Limited: Users with limited authority level can only see and do things that are assigned to them specifically.

In short, the role of Administrator is meant for all users who will use Boardeaser actively, that is, create meetings, invite to meetings, writing minutes, etc. For users to be able to see your entire organization’s content but without being able to edit is the Observer level suitable, this permission is suitable for example for an accountant. The lowest level is Limited, with this permission, users can not edit or see anything other than what is specifically assigned to them, this is suitable for example for someone who is an adjunct in recurrent meetings.

Sharing documents

It is possible to notify users that a particular document is uploaded, in this way can also share the document with users with Limited authorization level. Click on the arrow symbol for the document you want to share / recall and send to selected users:


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