You see the boardroom for an organization by logging in and then selecting the organization in the top menu under “My boards”, or through any of the links on your personal dashboard. In the boardroom, you will find all the tools and information availiable for the specific organization.

To the left is a search box, here you can search for text from meetings, documents and todo tasks.

Below the search box is a menu, the “left menu”, with all the functions for your organization:

  • Dashboard
  • Meetings
  • Todos
  • Decisions
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Economy*
  • Reports *
  • Evaluations *
  • Settings
    • Settings
    • Users

* These add-ons require additional orders.


The default view is “Dashboard” showing “Upcoming Activities” and “Recent Activities” in the organization. Below these boxes active meetings of the organization appear, that is, meetings that are created but whose minutes have not yet been archived. Read more about meetings in the support texts for meetings.



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