Two boxes

On the personal dashboard you monitor selected information from all your boards that are linked to your user account in Boardeaser.

At the top, you see these two boxes:

  • Upcoming activities: This lists the closest pending tasks that are created in Boardeaser linked to you in some way. There may be activities that passed the current date, they appear because you still have to do something (for example reviewing minutes).
  • Recent activities: This lists the 20 most recent activities in all the organizations that your user account is linked to. Examples of events shown here are when someone creates an agenda for a meeting, when someone requests comments on minutes and when minutes have been approved and filed.


Financial Summary (Beta)

If one or more organizations that your user account is linked to has activated the add-on Economic Insights you will see a summary of each organization here. Read more under “Financials”.

Meeting Summary

Further down is a meeting summary for each board you have access to. Here you can find all the information you need to prepare for upcoming board meetings.

Here information such as meeting title, time and location are shown along with links to the agenda and previous meeting minutes. You can also find a list of all documents attached to the agenda for the meeting. Check “Mark as read” when you have read the documents for the meeting, if you have not checked them three days before the meeting there will be a reminder sent to you.

Your todos

To the right of meeting details, you will find “My todo-list”. This is a list of the todo tasks you have been assigned to for each board. You see a brief description and if there is a deadline set in the task.

When you have completed the task, click the check box and it will be marked as completed. You’ll also find a link where you can see all assigned todo items on the board.

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